Our Story

As a medical professional for 12 years followed by a travel nurse for the past 8, our founder knows all too well the ups and downs of the nursing profession - long days, longer nights, and countless shifts involving too few staff members and too much personal stress. A nurse’s ongoing sacrifice for others quickly becomes second nature whether it be at the expense of healthy meals, daily routines, time with loved ones or their personal self-care. Nurse Max is all about putting the priority back on yourself and ensuring nurses everywhere have access to high-quality supplements designed for their unique lifestyle needs. With recipes curated for sleep, stress, shift support and more, there’s something for every nurse whether it’s your first shift or your hundredth! 

Curated Supplement Support For You

Our high-quality supplements are designed with intentional ingredients and scientifically backed recipes to provide compounded benefits for your lifestyle needs. We utilize the power of nature and are proud to include such high-quality ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Valerian Root Powder, Chamomile, Acai Fruit and more. We believe in making self-care and personal health an easy addition to any nurse’s routine which is why we stand behind the quality, value and effectiveness of our products.