Key Benefits:

  • Promotes Joint Health
  • Supports Bone Health
  • Supports Joint Mobility
  • Promotes Overall Flexibility


Healthy Joints, 2-6 serv. sz

Healthy Joints, 2-6 serv. sz

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Key Benefits


Promotes Joint Health

Green Lipped Mussels and Vitamin C may fight free radicals and boost immunity. These can result or help reduce inflammation and swelling in your joints and support the elasticity of the joint cartilage.

Supports Joint Mobility

Preservation of the cartilage and its elasticity enables it to better protect the end of bones at the joints which in turn results to support mobility, minimizing stiffness and pain.

Supports Bone Health

Glucosamine is a substance that naturally occurs in cartilage. Cartilage is a type of connective tissue in your body that provides structural support and protection to the end of bones and thus joints.

Promotes Overall Flexibility

Joint health and mobility promote overall flexibility to maintain ease in walking and other physical activities or activities of daily living, as well as enjoying your favorite hobbies, enhancing general health and well being.

Key Ingredients



Glucosamine is a substance that naturally occurs in cartilage. Cartilage is basically the connective tissue in your body, one of its roles is to protect the ends of bones, especially in the joints. As we age, and for those with osteoarthritis, that connective tissue begins to wear down, causing pain and ache. Glucosamine is said to act as an anti-inflammatory and may help to slow the deterioration of cartilage.


Green Lipped Sea Mussel

Native to New Zealand, the Green Lipped Sea Mussel is said to have medicinal properties. The mussel has a very distinct green coloring around its edge, hence the name. The Māori people of New Zealand have included this mussel in their diet, and they tend to have a lower amount of arthritis in their population. The Green Lipped Mussel also contains chondroitin sulfate, with is also a component of connective tissue. Green Lipped Mussels may help reduce inflammation and swelling in joints and may help relieve arthritis symptoms.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is found in foods like dairy, liver, and fish, as well as fruits, vegetables, and some oils. Your body stores vitamin A in body tissue, mostly in the liver, to be used when the body needs it. Vitamin A plays a big role in vision by helping your eyes work properly and also assists with keeping surface tissues such as skin, lungs, bladder, and inner ears healthy.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is arguably the most famous of all vitamins. Sailors used to carry barrels of limes and other fruit loaded with Vitamin C to avoid contracting scurvy. These days, it’s a lot easier to find, and that’s a good thing because Vitamin C is really important for the body and the immune system in particular. It may help in boosting the immune system and promote the creation of white blood cells, which the body uses to fight illnesses. It’s also an antioxidant that may help fight inflammation in the body.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We understand everyone has different dietary needs so we wanted to create a supplement that can be used by a wide variety of people. This product is Non-Dairy, Paleo-Friendly, Keto-Friendly.